Try This 7 Tips to Apply Makeup Women with Psoriasis

Make Up Women with Psoriasis That You Need to Try

Wearing makeup women looks more appealing but it can be a little bit problematic when they’re suffering from psoriasis. The presence of red and raised patches on skin may lower the self-confidence. Fortunately, applying the right makeup helps to camouflage the redness of psoriasis. These are some makeup techniques every woman with psoriasis should know.

Less frequent scaling Makeup Women

Makeup can be effectively applied to cover psoriasis scar if your skin receives less scaling. Instead, prior to applying makeup, you had better use descaling treatment like hydration. Wear a moisturizer to keep the skin face hydrated and reduce dryness on it. After the moisturizer application, cover the affected area with plastic wrap overnight. Clean it by taking a shower in the morning.

Keeping the psoriasis skin hydrated also can be done by staying on a bathtub of warm water within 10 to 15 minutes. This help to reduce the flakes on skin.

7 Tips to Apply Makeup Every Woman with Psoriasis Need to Try
7 Tips to Apply Makeup Every Woman with Psoriasis Need to Try

Opt for liquid-based products

Liquid-based makeups work the best on skin with psoriasis. Don’t use powder-based makeups because they make the skin drier. The same thing happens when you use concealers. Replace them with makeups that have a liquid finish as it camouflages the patches well. Applying less or thin makeup is better to avoid worse inflammation.

Makeup Women That Suitable for Those Who Have Psoriasis

Foundation at the beginning

Whatever the type of skin is, applying foundation first helps to create a better look. Having a foundation before other makeup products provide more natural-looking on the face. Moreover, if the foundation is used properly, you don’t any concealer afterwards.

Select the concealer wisely Makeup Women

If you still need to use concealer, make sure to get a concealer that suits the best with your skin tone. It’s because a concealer has a thicker consistency than foundation so it may screw up your makeup if you choose the wrong tone. Pat the concealer to the face areas you want and blend it carefully to mask the psoriasis scars.

7 Tips to Apply Makeup Every Woman with Psoriasis Need to Try
7 Tips to Apply Makeup Every Woman with Psoriasis Need to Try

Stick to suitable products

You possibly experience a couple of trial and error to discover the makeups that work best for your skin. Once, you find and get used to suitable ones, stick to them. Frequent changes in using makeup products rise the possibility of getting reaction to some of them. This can turn to be worse particularly on problematic skin like psoriasis.

Avoid sparkling makeup

Instead of using sparkling makeup, goes for cosmetics that create a matte finish look. Adding glitter or sparkle make the skin condition more visible. That make draws people attention to the area you has been concealed. It sometimes irritates skin as well.

Use colour correctors carefully

Corrector with green colour is known to reduce the redness on skin as resulted from psoriasis. However, if you never use it previously, it’s better to get it done by professional As this product may create green blotches on face skin when applied improperly.

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