5 Ways to Stop Yeast Infection Coming Back

Bacteria and yeast naturally exist in the vagina to keep it healthy and balance. However, too excessive yeast cells in the vagina lead to a yeast infection that can be very uncomfortable. Women who suffer from this problem often feel itchy or burning sensation on their vagina. They may experience thick discharge as well. This condition can be prevented by performing these following tips.

Change clothes quickly after activities

After finish swimming, you had better take off the wet swimsuits immediately. The pool chemicals trapped in your wet swimsuits and can affect both your skin and vagina. This can result in imbalance bacteria in the vagina.

Never sit too long in a wet suit after swimming. Rinse your body quickly with water to remove the pool chemicals and change with more comfortable clothes.

You should do this after doing workouts as well. Don’t stay too long on sweaty clothes since it causes damp in the vagina area. Take a shower and wear other clothes.

Change clothes quickly after activities
Change clothes quickly after activities

Use gentle hygiene products

Women need to choose hygiene products and toiletries carefully. It’s because most of the body washes, antibacterial soaps, and feminine sprays contain chemical ingredients that can affect bacteria balance in the vagina. Besides, the vagina is a sensitive area. Those products often cause other health problems on the genital as well.

Using chemical-based products frequently not only kill the bad bacteria but also will remove the good ones. Instead, women are better to use paraben-free cleansers or hypoallergenic soaps without dyes and scents. Gentle hygiene products for babies can be used as an alternative option too.

Reduce sugar consumption

Too much sugar intake is related to a higher possibility of getting a yeast infection. To prevent this problem you can swap your diets into healthy foods and beverages. Instead of consuming foods high in sugar like pastries, you can change with fresh fruit salad. Meanwhile, sugary beverages can be replaced with unsweetened iced tea or fresh juice.

Include yoghurt on a daily diet

Even though yoghurt can help to stop yeast infection coming back, you have to be careful when choosing ones to be consumed. Not all yoghurts are good for your body especially for bacteria balance in the vagina. Some yoghurts are packed with sugar and high calories. This likely increase the production of yeast in women genital.

Include yoghurt on a daily diet
Include yoghurt on a daily diet

Chose yoghurts that contain live probiotic cultures as well as without additional sugars. Women with an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract are more prone to yeast infection. Natural cultures in yoghurts are effective to promote healthy gastrointestinal tract. It makes the body stronger to fight against yeast infection.

Previous health conditions

Some certain health conditions are more vulnerable to yeast infection. For instance, women who suffer from diabetes, women with a low immune system, or those who are pregnant have a higher risk to experience yeast infection.

Getting to know your health condition well and managing the medical issues you suffer from helps to reduce the risk of getting a yeast infection. You also can meet your gynaecologist to discuss your pre-existing health condition and ask for treatments and prescriptions that help to control it.

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