Pneumonia, Pregnant Women’s Health Problem

Maintaining health is one of the keys to a happy life. Not only physical health must be maintained, but mental health also needs attention. Body health needs to be maintained by both men and women. This time, we will discuss issues surrounding women’s health. There are many women’s health problems that are not experienced by men, and vice versa. Although it is not a health disorder, pregnancy is one thing that only happens to women.

During pregnancy, women may experience various problems or health problems. Some of these women’s health problems are caused by something that naturally occurs in pregnant women, but that does not mean the problem does not require further treatment. One of them is pneumonia. Who would have thought pregnant women were prone to symptoms of pneumonia.

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mother’s immunity will decrease. This means mothers will be more susceptible to disease and become the main task of mothers and also the husbands to help or to maintain the best possible body health. Not only that, the mother also must ensure that the health of the fetus in the womb is in good condition. The reason is, there are some diseases that are fairly serious and also harmful to the fetus.


One of them is pneumonia, an infection that attacks the lungs, causing inflammation in one or both lungs. Shortness of breath becomes the main symptom that is often complained of by pregnant women who experience this condition. Unfortunately, not a few pregnant women who underestimate this problem because they think that shortness of breath is a natural thing and is common in pregnant women.

Pneumonia itself can occur as a result of germ infections that are transmitted through coughing and phlegm discharge coming out of the sufferer. Pregnant women who have bad smoking habits, have weak immunity. Mother who suffer from asthma, anemia, or other chronic health problems will be more at risk of developing pneumonia.

Pneumonia Symptoms

In addition to shortness of breath, pregnant women who suffer from pneumonia will also feel the presence of several symptoms, including coughing, headaches, body feeling tired, high fever, chest pain, vomiting, and excessive sweating. If you experience any of these symptoms, go see your doctor immediately.

Untreated pneumonia will cause complications that are considered serious for the fetus. This complication can cause the baby to be born prematurely. Baby then will have a low weight, and miscarry for pregnant women if the pneumonia that occurs is fairly serious. Fortunately, the cough that the mother experiences will not affect the fetus, because the placenta acts well to protect the fetus. In order to get the right diagnosis, pregnant women need to do various supporting examinations.

Pneumonia symptoms
Pneumonia symptoms

This includes laboratory tests with sputum sampling, lung X-rays, and blood tests. Furthermore, the mother will get treatment according to the doctor’s diagnosis. The other most important thing is pregnant women who suffer from pneumonia need lots of rest and sufficient fluid intake so that the pregnancy remains healthy.

Eat nutritious foods and maintain a good sleep pattern, and avoid staying up late playing poker at If necessary, the mother can wear a mask when outside the home or interacts with other people. They also need to avoid contact with people who are sick. Last but not least, make sure the mother’s body is immune by carrying out some vaccinations.

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