Women’s Health Problem 101: Baby Blues Syndrome

Brooke Shields is not the only woman who has experienced emotional problems after giving birth or is often known as the baby blues syndrome. Some international celebrities such as Sadie Frost, Elle MacPherson, and Kate Winslet also claimed to have or had the baby blues syndrome. Similar conditions were experienced by mothers during the life of Hippocrates, in the 5th century BC. Medical records written by the Father of Medicine mention in detail about the mild depression experienced by newborn mothers. This mild depression is later more popular with the term baby blues syndrome.

Although it has been noted in the medical journal pf Hippocrates. This baby blues syndrome is not considered an important issue. Even if many newborn mothers experience it. It is often only considered as a side effect of fatigue after giving birth. Baby blues syndrome is, in fact, one of the women’s health problems that attacks mental health, and all mental problems need to be dealt quickly and appropriately. Research data in various parts of the world expressly show 2/3 or about 50-75% of women experience baby blues syndrome.

Women’s health problem
Women’s health problem

In Indonesia

In Indonesia, the lack of attention to this women’s health problem of the baby blues syndrome is further compounded by the mistaken notion of laity. There are not a few people who consider the syndrome only experienced by women outside Indonesia. “Your grandmother has many children but has never experienced them. Maybe you’re just being spoiled!” That’s the comment that we often hear.

This syndrome is a mild emotional disorder that occurs within 2 weeks after the mother gives birth. There are also those who call it in another term such as maternity blues or postpartum blues. In accordance with the term “blues” which means a depressed state.  This syndrome is characterized by symptoms of emotional disturbances such as frequent crying or irritability.

The appearance of these symptoms is influenced by various factors such as keep playing poker uang asli. One of them is the unpreparedness of a mother to face the birth of her baby. Some mothers do not realize that giving birth to a baby is always accompanied by increased responsibility. Mothers who gave birth to babies under normal weight tended to be 3.64 times more likely to experience baby blues syndrome compared to mothers who gave birth to babies with normal weight.

Women’s health problem
Women’s health problem

Another Factor

Another trigger factor that is no less serious is the attitude of the mother in looking at and facing labor. A mother often hopes that a newborn baby will sleep soundly at night. Who would have thought the baby would ‘become a terrorist in the middle of the night’ with his endless cries. This syndrome is also very likely to occur by mothers who have experienced childbirth trauma or experienced very sad events during pregnancy.

Brooke Shields, for example, lost his father while pregnant. Mothers who are depressed during pregnancy, or who have experienced depression before. They should receive special attention because they have a great risk in experiencing this syndrome.

In the end, all kinds of health problems both physical and mental health should be deemed of great importance, especially women’s health problem. Baby blues syndrome is one of them. We should stop thinking that this women’s health problem is just a phase experienced by newborn mothers which will eventually end.

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