Menopause Effects: Preparation and Management

One of the cycle a woman has in her life is menopause. Even though it is talked mostly about its discomfort, most women are not informed enough that they merely go through the phase. There are actually things we can prepare and manage so all the discomfort menopause brings can be so much more bearable.

Some women relate menopause to aging, without more searching on the issue about preparation and management. Menopause is a condition when women stop having their monthly period for 12 months. It happens because reduction of the uterus function. The reduction causes the discontinuance of estrogen. Therefore, the final condition is said to be the end of a woman’s fertility. A woman can experience this at their forty, fifty, or sixty. It depends on lifestyle, diet, physical activities, and more.

Just like any important moment in your life, facing menopause requires preparation. Before one experiences menopause, pre-menopause happens in the span of year. At this phase, you will notice signs such as body heat and irregular schedule of monthly period. Once you are acknowledged the coming of this phase, it is important to immediately maintain physic, emotion, and spirit.

Instead of getting fear and panicked, transform your habits into healthy lifestyle. Cut all the fatty intake and replace with foods which are rich of vitamins, mineral, and calcium. Be physically active by exercising regularly. It is important to keep the density of your bone and manage your weight since osteoporosis and weigh-gain are commonly experienced in menopause. Leave all the bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

It will actually ruin your memory, and damage your body in general. Keep stimulating your brain by writing, gardening, learning new things, and maintaining social relationship. Have enough rest, avoid too much caffeine for a quality sleep, and drink plenty of water all to restore your energy since you will encounter fatigue more often.

Menopause Effects
Menopause Effects

Being spiritually healthy will also help you facing this phase. Have faith, surrender to the power beyond your control, and accept yourself. Spiritual maturity is important when you experience mood swing, one of the most noted symptoms of menopause. It is so severe that one can feel joy and suddenly depressed just in minutes. Peaceful mind will also help you to live a stress-free routines. Preventing stress keeps your memory function and concentration. Therefore, emotion management is as important as physical exercise.

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