6 Natural Ways to Overcome Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain is a problem that is quite disturbing. What can we do to treat menstrual pain naturally? The following is an explanation of how to deal with pain during menstruation. Menstrual pain is a problem that is quite disturbing. Stunted activity, bad moods and very disturbing pain cause women to dislike menstrual pain.

However, sometimes we cannot avoid the arrival of this menstrual pain. The simplest way for some people is to take pain relievers that are sold freely such as paracetamol and others.

However, some people who are not used to taking pain relievers often unwilling to swallow menstrual pain with curling all the time needed. don’t worry, there is medical advice to overcome and prevent painful menstrual pain without taking anti-pain medication.

Curious guys, how do you fix it, let’s see below

What can we do to treat menstrual pain naturally?
a. Use Compress
Use a warm compress in the lower abdomen. Warmth can indeed help reduce pain. Even so, from this type compresses are divided into two, namely cold and warm compresses. Each has the following benefits:
• Warm compress
Is done by attaching a rubber bag that has been filled with warm water beforehand, or attaching a towel that has been soaked in warm water to a painful part of the body. To compress warm water can be followed by movement or massage exercises. The physiological impact of warm compresses is to make the body muscles more relaxed because an increase in temperature in certain areas helps the vasodilation process (dilation of blood vessels) so as to facilitate blood circulation. Thus it can reduce or eliminate pain.
• Cold compress
Compresss rubber bags can also be filled with cold water containing ice. Or in some large pharmacies today, they have sold bags containing ice cubes (cold pack). Or you can also put a towel that has been dipped in cold water before. it’s physiological effects are vasoconstriction (locking blood vessels) and metabolic decline, helping to control bleeding and swelling due to trauma, reduce pain, and reduce the activity of nerve endings in the muscles.
b. Massage
Perform light massage in the lower abdomen. Massage in a circular motion and lightly using your fingertips. Use baby oil or cream to help massage. a massaging motion with enough energy to not be too strong, clockwise.
c. Drink warms drink
Warms drinks can help, but drinks that contain caffeine, alcohol and high in sugar should be avoided because they can aggravate pain. Affoid coffee and tea. Although tea is considered to have no caffeine, tea actually has caffeine levels. Consuming caffeine 200-300 mg / day or equivalent to 2-4 cups of coffee / day, is a safe limit that can be tolerated by physically healthy adults.
d. Arrange for meals
Make sure you don’t skip meals. Don’t be afraid of being fat. The trick is to set the meal portion. Eat small but frequent portions. By adjusting such a diet, you will easily adjust the size of the abdominal circumference without worrying about enlarging. So, eat foods that are light but with a frequency that is rather frequent.
e. Set the Most Comfortable Position
Is sounds trivial, because usually this is instinctive when we feel pain in any part of the body. The body will reflex naturally and instinctively look for a position that will relieve body aches. But under certain conditions, it often happens so great a feeling of pain, so that it can only grimace and moan. Even if you have been looking for the best position to relieve pain. If so, try to find a lying position if it is so disturbing. Lay your body by positioning the legs slightly raised, then the legs can be propped up by pillows or other objects. The other way to lie is that you can do lying on your side with your knees bent.

Menstrual Pain
Menstrual Pain

f. Warm Shower
A warm shower is part of the relaxation effort. There is no need to worry about bathing at night causing rheumatism, because this is not true. But about the hot bath, it is necessary to pay attention to the duration of the bath, especially for the owner of dry skin.
well, that’s how to deal with pain during the month, hopefully useful for you

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